Santa Clara Law Review Hosts Conference On Antitrust Law and Silicon Valley

On March 1, 2019, more than 100 antitrust lawyers, academics, and law students gathered in Santa Clara Law’s Charney Hall for a one-day national conference on antitrust law and its impact in Silicon Valley. Hosted by the Santa Clara Law Review and co-sponsored by the State Bar Association’s Antitrust Law Section, the conference was both timely and important. Key political groups are currently discussing proposals to limit the antitrust power, recent failures to safeguard consumer data, and the exercise of political power by large tech companies. Planned by a team from Santa Clara Law Review, with assistance from Professor Donald Polden, the conference featured a screening of a new documentary film, “When Rules Don’t Apply,” [link:] about the alleged conspiracy among leading Silicon Valley tech companies not to hire each other’s engineers, animators, and other high-level professional talent.