Santa Clara law student Jess Miers poses for a portrait at Twitter headquarters on Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, in San Francisco, Calif. Miers is a participant in the tech law program at SCU Law School called Tech Edge and that lead to an internship at Twitter. (Photo by Jim Gensheimer)

She’s just a second-year law student at Santa Clara Law, but Jess Miers ’21L knows Section 230 like the back of her hand. Actually, Section 230, considered by many to be “the most important law in tech,” or “the Internet’s First Amendment,” is tattooed inside her left wrist. Miers landed her “dream internship” at Twitter this summer as part of her Tech Edge JD program, and will be joining Santa Clara Law Professor Eric Goldman on stage at the Santa Clara University “Meet the President” event in Pasadena on Nov. 6th. Read more about her first year at Santa Clara Law and summer internship at Twitter.