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Giving an Edge to Technology Law Students

Twitter. Dropbox. Samsung. Plug and Play Center.

These are among the companies where each of the 14 first-year law students who participated in Santa Clara University School of Law’s recently launched certificate program, Tech Edge J.D., landed internships or externships this summer.

In fact, fully 100 percent of students in the brand-new program were placed in intern- or externships relevant to their desired technology-law career paths. This is a remarkable outcome for 1L students, who typically have more difficulties finding good employment opportunities than their 2L peers.

But in this case, Santa Clara Law’s innovative Tech Edge J.D. has helped students, who take more responsibility for career planning and skill-building than most law students, move to the front of the line for such sought-after spots at Silicon Valley employers.

“One of the most exciting expected outcomes of this program is the ability to create outstanding job opportunities for students without a traditional technology undergraduate degree such as engineering or computer science,” said Laura Norris, associate clinical professor, and director of the Tech Edge J.D. program.

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