Josh Metayer JD '19 being sworn in (photo credit Pauline Metayer)
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First-ever Online Swearing-In of Alumni Attorneys

Pictured above: Josh Metayer JD 19 is sworn in during the event (photo credit Pauline Metayer).

By Devin Kinyon, associate clinical professor and director of the Office of Academic & Bar Success

On Monday, June 1, 12 Santa Clara Law alumni swore their oaths as new attorneys. The Honorable Deborah Ryan JD ’77, presiding judge of the Santa Clara Superior Court and an alumna of the Law School, delivered the attorney’s oath and swore in the new members of the State Bar of California. The Honorable Edward Davila, Chair of the Santa Clara Law Advisory Board and a federal judge in the Northern District of California, delivered the attorney’s oath for admission to practice before the federal district court.

New lawyers in California swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and of California, to faithfully carry out their duties as an attorney and officer of the court, and conduct themselves with “dignity, courtesy, and integrity” at all times.

Interim Dean Anna Han welcomed the new attorneys. She shared the faculty’s congratulations and encouraged the Santa Clara Law alumni to put their legal education to good use in a time of great uncertainty. Interim Dean Han acknowledged the unique circumstances of the event, held entirely online via video conference. Due to the ongoing pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, the State Bar of California authorized online delivery of the attorney’s oath for the first time.

Twice a year, Santa Clara Law hosts a swearing-in ceremony for its alumni newly admitted to the Bar. The event is held in partnership with the Santa Clara County Bar Association. S. Michael Lee, president of the Santa Clara Bar and general counsel of Uniquify, offered his greetings and encouraged the new attorneys to seek support and mentorship from the local legal community, which enjoys a strong, positive relationship with the Law School, our alumni, and the local courts. Adam Juratovac from the Santa Clara Bar’s Barrister’s Committee, spoke about the importance of making connections with more experienced attorneys.

All speakers acknowledged that the global pandemic and social movements for racial justice highlighted the need for more attorneys who exhibit Santa Clara’s values of competence, conscience, and compassion.