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Tech Edge JD Seeks Mentors

Our innovative Tech Edge JD program combines legal, business, and technology education with hands-on skills development and individualized mentorship. We are seeking mentors for the incoming 2020 Tech Edge JD students. All experience levels are needed, and we encourage mentors from diverse backgrounds and education to participate.

COVID19 has certainly brought on changes to our daily lives, but it hasn’t changed the mission of the Tech Edge JD program. We continue to strive towards our mission of teaching, training, and supporting Santa Clara Law students who know they want to practice technology law in Silicon Valley. That’s where you come in! Tech Edge is looking for dedicated mentors for the Fall 2020 cohort. Mentors play a crucial and impactful role in the experience of our cohort members in law school and beyond.

Tech Edge is designed to create experiences for students that would give them the critical skills desired by employers in the technology industries. It also provides students an opportunity to explore career paths, with the help of faculty advisors and committed mentors. Once finished with the program, students will have designed a career path, gained insightful experience collaborating with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and through externships with law firms and technology companies, and have a portfolio of work experience to show upon graduation. 

Tech Edge mentors commit to students in the program for their entire law school career (expected 3 years). Mentors play a crucial and impactful role in the experience of our cohort members in law school and hopefully beyond. Your time and dedication make the Tech Edge program a stand out success from other programs. Here are the essential things we are looking for from our mentors.

  • Attend a brief training session for mentors (this will be conducted via self-paced webinar) – about 1 hour
  • Attend a networking event for mentors/TEJD students at the TEJD orientation (the format of this is TBD given COVID 19 sheltering) 
  • Schedule a minimum of one site visit / shadow event for your mentee to visit your workplace or attend an industry event with you (per year) – 1-2 hours / year (on temporary hold during COVID 19 sheltering)
  • Meet with your mentee at least one time per semester (one such time can be the shadow event) – 1-2 hours / year (Zoom calls with mentees are acceptable during COVID 19 sheltering)

Now that you’re excited to participate in this exciting Santa Clara Law program, please indicate your interest here. More information will be sent about becoming a mentor, and the various other ways you can get involved.