Matthew Faustman and UpCounsel Featured in ABA Journal

While in law school at Santa Clara, Matthew Faustman JD ’10 was already an entrepreneur—he founded a company to help make student notes widely accessible and reduce reliance on expensive hardbound books. After graduation, he started practice as an associate at Latham and Watkins LLP, but that didn’t last long. In 2012, Faustman and Mason Blake founded UpCounsel, which, according to the web site, is “the first legal platform that helps fast-growing companies build their own custom legal teams.” UpCounsel now boasts the largest network of independent lawyers in the world.

Through UpCounsel, Faustman plans to make the legal marketplace more transparent and reduce the costs to access legal services for small business clients. The company utilizes powerful technology to make the process of finding and managing legal services an efficient experience for both businesses and attorneys. By combining price transparency, reviews, and online tools, the UpCounsel platform allows businesses to tap into a diverse and experienced workforce of legal freelancers.

When Santa Clara Law Magazine ran an article on his new company in 2013, Faustman said he believed that the legal industry would change dramatically over the next 5 to 10 years, such that accessing and delivering legal services would become simpler, resulting in a dramatic shift in firm structures, hiring, and legal education. Now, six years later, UpCounsel has seen its share of success: since its founding, revenues have grown 100 to 300 percent year over year, more than 25,000 lawyers have signed up, and the company has conducted work for more than 18,000 businesses.

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